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2014 FIFA World Cup is opting a full-priced boxed product on Xbox 360 and PS3

2014 FIFA World Cup is skipping the new generation of consoles, opting instead for a full-priced boxed product on Xbox 360 and PS3, to ensure the game can reach as broad an audience as possible, EA Sports has said.

The first thing that hits you with ’2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil’ is the branding it gets from being the official game of the World Cup Tournament. All bright colours and Brazilian Samba menu music try to envelope you to embrace the spirit of Brazil. It is quite a contrast from the rather clinical look of FIFA 14′s menu layout and background but the menu system is still the same and game modes accessed in the same way. The game features 203 national teams which means 7,349 players, with 21 national stadium as 12 are the official stadiums in Brazil that will host the world cup matches.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is jam packed with things to do. There’s something for everyone, whether you like to play offline or online. If you like numbers, there are 10 modes (read our news post on the front page for a full breakdown) to be exact. The popular Captain Your Country returns based on player feedback, bolstered by the likes of Story of Qualifying, Story of the Finals (dynamic scenarios based on the real tournament) and Road to Rio. It’s the latter that is 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil’s main offline mode, kind of like seasons, tasking you with working your way through the tournament’s 12 stadiums until you reach Rio and lift the World Cup.

There’s a neat little training feature integrated into the mode too, imitating real life training camps that will be set up by the teams taking part. You’ll come across these between matches, allowing you to choose a drill and four players to take part. If you’re successful, player stats will improve, but don’t worry there is a limit so no overpowered teams or players. It’s more than just a cosmetic or gimmicky feature as it introduces an element of management/coaching that’s been somewhat missing from FIFA. On top of the modes, there are 203 teams (all licensed) in the game so you won’t be getting bored anytime soon.
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