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About FIFA15 fixing market prices and Transfer Market App Disabled recently

Mon Feb 16 2015 9:00:00 GMT-0800
Regarding fixing market prices, a simple way would be to introduce price caps for certain levels of players. Its disgusting seeing Ronaldo sitting at 7mil right now with no sign of moving, if there was a system in place that said players rated 81-85 couldn't be put on the market for more than 250k, players rated 86-90 no more than 500k, 91-95 no more than 1 mil, and 96-99 no more than 2mil. Have some sort of coin limit on players (would be quite an easy thing to implement) to stop the effects of hoarding players and re introducing them at stupid prices. 
These two fixes would create a more equal playing field in my opinion and make more of the game available for more people. Its wrong that you pay full retail price for a game but you're unable to use all features beause Messi costs 6mil and you have no way of playing him in your team because even if you played every single day you'd have to not spend a single coin for well over 10000 games just to afford him. The game is called ultimate team and you're given the chance to create your idea of your dream team, you shouldnt be limited to the "sort of your dream team but i cant afford Messi or Hazard" BS. 
Also, off topic but a feature I think would be pretty cool to introduce would be some sort of progressive chemistry and retrospective chemistry. The progressive chemistry would be similar to loyalty in that after a fixed amount of games players with a red link get promoted to and orange, and then after another can progress to green (but never the hyperlink), maybe 25 games for orange, and then 50 for green or something, as I mentioned in my previous point, its supposed to be your ultimate team so why should i have to choose pepe to partner ramos if i really want thiago silva just because the chemistry is worse. As for the retrospective chemistry, players who have recently changed club should still maintain an orange line with their previous club for the duration of this fifa season. Its absurd how David Luiz can partner Gary Cahill or playing in front of Cech for years at Chelsea and then move to PSG but suddenly have zero chemistry with them, meanwhile he has maximum chemistry with Aurier and Sirigu, who he'd have know for a couple of months and possibly played 4 or 5 games with.
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