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EA SPORTS have announced a vast of improvements in FIFA 15

EA Sports has released the first trailer for FIFA 15, the successor to FIFA 14 in the soccer game franchise. Along with the trailer comes a confirmed release date: September 23rd for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The trailer shows EA's use of the Ignite graphics engine for the PC, Xbox and PS4 versions of the game, marking the first time the PC game will use the same engine.

The FIFA 15 trailer shows, once again, that EA wants to convey the emotion of the game, while rivals Konami will surely be aim for more realism with the upcoming PES 2015. We'll be expecting big news about FIFA 15 in the coming months, especially during Gamescom in August, Europe's largest video game trade fair.

"We're aiming to have challenges ready around an hour after each game finishes. We had this feature in the last World Cup but it was a day later, which for me meant that it lost that passion and emotion."

Though largely the same game as FIFA 14, the new FIFA introduces a handful of new gameplay features - corner tactics, for instance, allow you to set up a team mate near the goal posts. Dribbling is allegedly more responsive and penalties, simpler to perform. There are over 100 new animations, new cutscenes that show crowd reactions, and a new online mode, Road to Rio.

EA SPORTS have announced a vast of improvements for Match Day LIVE, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode in FIFA 15. The main improvements in FIFA Ultimate Team this year include the addition of Concept Squads, Friendly Seasons and more. Concept Squads are for those who want to play future FUT squads using the entire player database available in FUT.  Players can play future transfers as well as testing out different chemistry combinations.

Atmosphere is a big point of focus for the dev team, with the hope that matches at each of the game's featured stadiums feel unique. To that ends some clubs have bespoke crowd animations. Play at Anfield and you see the Kop noisily belting out You'll Never Walk Alone, while Manchester City's home supporters offer up an enthusiastic Poznan when their team scores. Which, even in virtual reality, is often.
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