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EA's FIFA World Cup game: pros and cons

It's that time again: the time for all the world to be glued to their television sets and witness something that comes just once every four years - the football World Cup. The only video game you can truly associate with such a momentous and global event is EA's FIFA World Cup game.

No matter which mode you select, you can also take part in a variety of training drills to increase your players’ stats.  The training drills include everything from dribbling to advanced shooting, passing to shooting, goal keeping, free kicks and more.  These drills will make you an expert in no time and it’s always a good place for those new to the FIFA series to build a little skill before jumping into a match.  That’s also one strong point about FIFA 14 World Cup Brazil is you don’t have to go through the career mode or buy and sell players with your football club, you’re free to do as you wish even if that is nothing more than a friendly match.

Here are some fifa game Tips for you.

If the goalkeeper loaded and the ball is transported into the top corner, the cutaway shot is recommended, also called spin shot. This lead in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 by holding the [R1 button] and the simultaneously release of the shot with the [circle button].

To let an opponent come to nothing, you can press the [circle button] and then the [X] key plus a downstream direction instruction by the left analog stick to fake a shot. Press [square button] and then the [X] key plus a downstream direction instruction by the left analog stick, you are deluding contrast to a pass, so you can leave your opponent in also come to nothing.

And the below are the game's pros and cons.

Gameplay a lot more fluid and easier to pick up for casual players
Crossing being toned down helps make the game more dynamic Gives you the grandeur and intensity of the World Cup
Road to Rio De Janeiro is the best mode in the game

$60 is too much for this game
Only on Xbox 360 & PS3
lacks modes that give it staying power
Terrible Shadows can take up entire sides of certain stadiums
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