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FIFA 15 actually represents a bit of a crossroads for the franchise

FIFA 15 actually represents a bit of a crossroads for the franchise. It’s a series that’s been at the top of its game for so long, but with so much innovation over the last five or so years, and for so long, the question is how long can they keep it up? And perhaps, more importantly, how can you truly innovate with a sport that has such a limited scope for innovation? The simple answer is you can’t; you’ll eventually run out of ideas. FIFA 15 is an argument against the annualisation of sports games, and with little-to-no innovation and a few backwards steps, FIFA 15 seems to be languishing just outside the European qualification places.

Online, there's very little difference between FIFA 15 and FIFA 14. You can play competitively or cooperatively in seasons, join Ultimate Team tournaments or join a club and meet up for 11 vs 11 events. The action seems, on first impressions, to be smooth, with good matchmaking and plenty of scope to play how you want to play.

For a start, team management looks to have been given a much-needed overhaul. You can now define ‘team sheets’ and quickly switch between them during a game, enabling you to change your team and tactics without having to change every player every time. So let’s say you have an important league game followed by an easy cup game – you first define your team sheets, filling them with the players you need for each occasion, then simply switch to your cup team sheet after the important match and you’ll have your pre-defined reserve team all lined up and ready to go. It’s something I know people have been calling for for years and should really speed up team selection.

s well as this fans of different teams will perform differently depending on their real-world counterparts. Brazilian fans will be samba-ing it up in the Maracana while Lech Poznań and Man City fans will do the iconic Poznań celebration. Some of the world’s biggest teams’ classic songs will be blared out, while the commentators will pick up on the crowd mood and remark on it.
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