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Fifa 15 Game-play enhancements provide unparalleled responsive control

Fifa 15 Lionel Messi as seen in Fifa 15, which features a new emotion engine to track the thoughts of each player. They'll probably switch it off for Joey Barton though.

Playing on an Xbox One, the realism is surreal. Game-play enhancements provide unparalleled responsive control when you dribble and evade defenders. Stepovers, fakes, backheels -- it's all there, and rather easy to execute with a bit of practice. Man-to-man battles are as rewarding as a Vincent Kompany vs. Diego Costa standoff. The back of the net quivers when you score, grass wears and gets ripped up during the course of a match, while new shoulder barges, push-pull mechanics and shirt-pulling will make you feel as at home as Ryan Shawcross in the penalty box. There's even "big fall physics," though it doesn't seem to apply to referee Phil Dowd. Maybe next time.

More importantly, the on-field gameplay formula received a few tweaks this year as well. CPU opponents seem to hang on to the ball and dribble it across the field much more frequently, calmly jogging past any of my direct sprint-and-tackle attempts. The incessant march and conservative pass attempts of my opponents led me to change my defense tactics this year; attempting to step in to the computer opponent's stride usually left my player in the dust. It was continually aggravating until I started corralling defenders out to the sidelines.

Away from talk of new features the game still boasts a large number of modes. Modes include: Kick off, career, tournament, ultimate team, skill games, practice arena, online and co-op matches. As FIFA 15 is a licensed game it has a huge array of real world clubs, leagues, players and stadiums. In FIFA 15 there are 35 licensed leagues, over 600 clubs, 16,000+ players and 41 licensed stadiums. If you are fan on the English Premier League than you are in for a treat as now all 20 premier league stadiums are full licensed.
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