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Fifa 15 new features and improvements are too numerous to describe comprehensively

That said, it has long been believed that this year’s instalment would be the big one. After all, developers have had almost a year since the launch of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 last November to really get to know the possibilities and limitations of these machines.

Indeed, EA Sports is all about the small things this year. Blades of grass go flying into the air in slow motion when the ball is struck during replays, the pitch develops physical signs of wear and tear over the course of the match, shirts are visibly pulled by defenders chasing a zippy winger and the PA system at Selhurst Park warns fans in the stadium that the Northern line isn’t running.

The new features and improvements are too numerous to describe comprehensively. But the overwhelming impression is of the enormous amount of care taken by a team that has a fan's appreciation of the game. While this may be authenticity only in the sense that it replicates the matchday experience as invented by Sky in 1992, the fluent televisual dialogue of replays, pop-backed montages and quick cuts add a real sense of drama. Slot in a few games of FIFA between Super Sunday matches and the transition is seamless.

Emotion and Intensity is one of the core pillars of FIFA 15. For the first time ever, players have memories and will show emotion based on the context of the match. With over 600 new emotional reactions, players now respond to pivotal moments on the pitch – bad tackles, missed chances, epic goals – as they would in real life.

Match Day is dynamic and immersive. Improved commentary will highlight unique fan reactions, while chants and behaviours will be relevant to country or even your club. New bench reactions, side line character animations, 10-man goal celebrations, and more will keep you engaged in the story of the match.
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