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FIFA 15 shows off the improvements made to player movement and ball control

EA Sports has released a new gameplay trailer for FIFA 15 that shows off the improvements made to player movement and ball control.

Dempsey also said that the game is a great way to help build on soccer's popularity in the U.S. after the World Cup since it helps people get familiar with the rules of the game. "You start figuring out the rules, so when you watch the games on TV, you're able to understand it more," said Dempsey. "It only helps the popularity of the game in the U.S."

EA added full-body defending to separate opposing players from the ball, and strong defenses will be well rewarded. Team strategies right for situations are also encouraged. More realistic techniques are possible thanks to new technologies More realistic techniques are possible thanks to new technologies. The game tracks all 22 players’ emotional states from 1st minute to 94th.

The pitch will change and cut-up throughout the game, boots leave a mark. Emotional intelligence with over 600 new reactions see player’s personalities come to the fore. Corner flags move, goal frames shake, LED advertising boards change, even the crowd are in higher definition than ever.

EA knows how big Ultimate Team is. For any other sports game to come close to FIFA’s success, it’ll need to offer something equally compelling, and at the moment that doesn’t seem likely. EA’s officially licensed trading card spin in FIFA rules the virtual football world and will do for some time to come.

This year will also see the return of Legends, on Xbox platforms at least. 15 greats will be joining the roster, including the Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer, Alan Shearer. Legends, like the rest of the Elites, felt like a pipe dream last year and, while a nice introduction, are for the one per cent and rarely seen in the game itself. The Legends from FIFA 14 will make their way across to 15, so yes, Freddie Ljungberg will continue to be uttered in the same breath as Pele.
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