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All 20 Premier League teams have their own stadiums in fifa 15

FIFA's crown jewel has long been the fact it holds the rights to the English Premier League, the world's biggest and most popular annual football license. But FIFA 15 is the first year EA has actually doubled down on that property, and it's fantastic. All 20 Premier League teams have their own stadiums in the game, there are custom match intros and more expansive commentary. It's taken years but, so long as you're playing an EPL game, FIFA 15 can finally meet the matchday presentation of American sports games.

The fellas over at EA Sports have focused more on how the players are built as they’ve put in work on the athleticism of say, Gary Cahill, the Chelsea defender. Every FIFA addict is always on the look out to see how much work has been put on making sure the figures on the video game are identical to the real life football players. You want Wayne Rooney, Mario Gotze, Eden Hazard or Steven Gerrad – you’ve got them.

For FIFA 15, the development team has made some very noticeable changes to the AI. Some changes are good some are bad. The defensive AI still doesn’t seem to factor in an attacking player’s preference and habits. For example if Messi is dribbling towards goal naturally a defender like Pepe will steps out from his line to face him up, so far so good. As Messi starts dribbling towards his right setting up a quick cut inside to have a left footed shot at goal, Pepe continues to track Messi to the right waiting for that left move which he knows is coming. Once it does it takes him an extra two or three steps to realize it, giving Messi the time and space to execute. On the other hand defenders are much better now at tracking player runs and intercepting lofted through balls and crosses.

Even the teams in FIFA 15 adjust to the strength of your team and your play-style. Playing bottom of the league or an inferior opponent, don’t expect them to have three up front trying to smash the goals in. Instead, expect them to park the bus and look to hit you on the counter. It’s actually rather great trying to break down teams when they stick 11 men behind the ball.
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