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FIFA 15 will be released on September 26

The matchday experience on FIFA 15 will be the most well-rounded, intricate and complete of not just FIFA but any sports game. The fans, combined with an even more impressive commentary team, coupled with a dramatic improvement in player reactions and emotions, make this FIFA the new standard bearer.

Player AI will be more developed than ever, offering an incredibly realistic experience on the soccer field. In the trailer, you can view interactions that feature powerfully life-like behavior and reactions. You will see players encourage each other, express frustration, and react intelligently to situations that develop on the field.  

Players will form unique attitudes toward one another, and even fans will take on expressive personalities and identities tied to the players they follow and admire.  The events that take place during game play will inform those feelings and help them to progress as the game unfolds.  When a late game-winning goal is scored, the entire team launches into spontaneous celebration—a much bigger reaction than you would see with a more predictable game outcome with a wider margin.  This is the first time that this reaction has ever been included in a FIFA game.

Movement and control go under their yearly tweaking. In fitting with real football, players will be much more indebted to their stronger foot rather than being able to use both with ease, and, in turn, will be gifted with increased balance and superior control which should make dribbling a lot more responsive. As witnessed in previous FIFA games, certain players have their own original playing style transferred into the game and that will continue with this edition – the only difference being the number of unique players would have vastly increased. Man to man battles are also making their way into the game which allows for shoulder-to-shoulder challenges, as well as giving players the chance to evade sliding tackles.
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