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Fifa is easily my favorite game and i would like to share some ideas i have

Sun Feb 15 2015 11:10:00 GMT-0800
Fifa is easily my favorite game and i would like to share some ideas i have.
1) i would really enjoy a career mode where you can draft players (serpentive draft) depending on which league you choose to play in. This is done by nba2k, madden, and mlb the show, and is one of my favorite parts of those listed games.
exp. i pick Man U and get the 5th pick. i choose to pick aguero. then i get the 35th pick and idk choose De Gea. etc etc until the end.
2) Also what would be cool is if u include legend teams. Look pack and pick teams that are considered the best of their times and bring them back. i was thinking like 20-25 teams. More would be good too though.
3) take any's out of pro clubs. It defeats the purpose of the game mode in my opinion.
Thank you!! I really hope this gets taken into consideration or is at least seen by somebody.
  Afrika cup.
Jupiler leage with new commentary team dutch.
commentary patch for consoles.
Give a rumour about player { pers }.
Give new animation keepers.
Better AL with time waste and park the bus.
World cup 2014 teams.
Tickets selling.
Change weather over the dsy.
Creayiin centre.
Create tsirts for career.
Give a new look in career and my career.
Upload your foto.
Plane your friendly.
Songs by score a goal.
Analist studio.
Intervieuws in my career.
options in anwsers.
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