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Goalkeepers are the main focus of FIFA 15’s update

At the beginning of this month, it seems like that there are going to be some interesting changes and many fans of FIFA will cheer and like them. Goal-line technology is nothing really new, which being a computer game made out of lines of codes, and the in-game referees can inform instantly when a ball fully cross the line for a goal. Besides, EA also has scanned the heads of over 200 real world players that can help them created more authentic in-game models.

The most big change is that in the new FIFA 15 it will feature all 20 Premier League stadiums, but not the only 8 stadiums that featured in FIFA 14. Based on prior demos and teasers, congratulate that FIFA 15 these new features will enhance and promote the realism in the game.

Not content with turning The Sims into an emotional melting pot, they’re giving each player in the noble game of football their own “emotional intelligence”, which will visibly change over time depending on how the match is progressing. While players won’t sit cross-legged in a huff after someone misses a goal, their reaction animations will alter in both positive and negative ways to proceedings, according to this latest trailer.

Goalkeepers are the main focus of this year’s update, the latest improvement in a game EA seeks to ceaselessly improve. As ever, the upgrade isn’t cosmetic. “We’ve completely rewritten them,” said Channon. “It took us two years. Keepers now have much more intelligence to make decisions on the fly. We now have the processing power to do it. We can branch animation, letting them dive in one way whereas previously they would just dive and deflect. There are really big changes to how the animations now play; it makes it much more fluid.”
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