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I hope FIFA15 do somthing exciting add more actions n envolve more press

Sun Feb 8 2015 12:20:00 GMT-0800
I hope FIFA15 do somthing exciting add more actions n envolve more press, they still improve the gameplay but we need something keep us or when i go to work i can't wait to go back home to play fifa, i wonder if they ever take a look on the wishlist that ppl post on youtube
Gameplay adjustments are the most important, but, they could use some game mode adjustments as well. There needs to be a mode available to play online games at any time that don't count towards your season record. I don't know why they removed this in 14. It enables you to play with a friend (so need two (local) players online match up mode). It's also nice for if you want to try out an interesting but perhaps not threatening lower level team without risking your season. In this mode, you should also be able to add your virtual pro to the team, this will help to be able to work your virtual pro's stats without having to have all your club online or play in the frequently infuriating drop in matches.The main this I would love in Fifa is for the teams to have more personality, teams like City, Liverpool, Palace, Stoke, Bayern all player very differently, but in the game they are pretty much the same. If EA could change that it will be a lot more realistic.
It’s good that improvements are being made to the gameplay on fifa 15 because fifa 14 on ps4 was very boring in terms of attacking play, too much focus was on defensive play. Career mode in fifa 14 was a disappointment, so much so that I traded in fifa 14 for another game on my ps4. Fifa 15 needs to make it so player stats like finishing, stamina, dribbling etc… increase dramatically depending on their performance in the season, if I use a player to score a lot of goals, their stats should reflect this, it shouldn’t matter how they are rated in real life, anybody who knows football knows any player can improve if they’re still young, look at Gareth Bale for example, nobody knew he would be what he is, Thierry Henry same thing, player development should stop being capped. Virtual pro gameface players on career mode shouldn’t improve only based on achievements, they should improve in the same way I just suggested. It’s only logical because I remember on fifa 2007, Adebayor was rubbish, on fifa 2008 after he had a good season at arsenal, his stats increased dramatically, the difference is only one season, I don’t see why this can’t happen in career mode.
career mode as a manager or a player need alot of work
That’s the most important one to me, but I also enjoyed lounge mode. Bring it back please.
Fifa 15 is what I get up as a gamer and do I can’t wait to play here is what I have been thinking of as I’ve been playing 1) yes all the dynamic field interactions are a must as well as the a shirt pulling to me those are incredibly important, but as a player I love choices and the more choices I get in career mode to make for my player the more realistic it is for me and I can get into it 2) in career mode I would love to be able to approach another teams management and seem if I could make a deal during transfer mode instead of only having to put in my notice 3) this would be so cool .. Let your player be part of the interviews pre game or weekly to freely mock other players ect or thank others that is one choice I have been waiting for. As always thank you all at EA for keeping fifa alive and blowing our minds.
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