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I think one of the most exciting game modes is career mode

Tue Feb 17 2015 10:30:00 GMT-0800
I think one of the most exciting game modes is career mode I think they have to change the haircuts they have been the same for a long time, also is being able to communicate with your players that is a HUGE thing. being able to start on the bench and coming on in the second half. also add the champions league like it is in Pes. maybe ballon dor and my player is also huge its go to be UPGRATED. when a player is injured they have to com of on a stretcher for example once one of my players broke his ankle and is walking off the pitch! refs being involved in crucial situations. players ariving in buses. This goes with communication, being involved in interviews and being able to talk back. Also me being from Bosnia please add the bosnian national team to the game, one of the reasons why is because when im playing my player I cant play for my national team it sucks!!! and they made it to the world cup. so please EA do your job make us proud!
Add a referee career mode
Make career mode more reaistic so you dont win a game 5-0 everytime
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