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I would like to see few new things in Fifa 16 Career mode

Mon Feb 9 2015 11:12:00 GMT-0800
I would like to see few new things in Fifa 16 Career mode.
I would like to see improved youth scouting . when scouts returns with the monthly report to have on some players written info . For example potential 62 87 and on the bottom it would be nice to see some comments from the scout " this player showed some good skills, agility, and vision on the filed" and also for the scout to say for which team player is coming from. Its not that scouts picking up players from the back field of the school or park
To have ability to see players stats . where they played in past lets say 5 years how many caps and how many goals ans assist, and also to be able to see continued stats, and maybe even for the commentary to mention player best season that they had in their career
improved transfer market. to be able to loan your player easily also to have more options when you making bid for the player and when you receiving offer for the player
To be able to hire coaching staff . assist coach. striker coach etc
To be able to give press conference before season starts . What coach expects from the players general expectation from the season and also at the end of season kind of general summary.
Less int offers . in fifa 15,14, in one season i would get 27 int offers . little unrealistic . maybe rumors for 10 int offers and realistically maybe 5
Be able to designate certain player to certain training . If they have poor strength to be able to give player more gym training or something like that:
I read in some wish list comments fans leaving stadium when their team its getting beat up badly toward the end of the game with commentary follow up on that is good idea ads more realism to it .
be able to see front page on some sports paper if you did well or badly . Lets say you win 3:0 and front page to be team smashed they rivals in miss matched game , or if you lose Big humiliation of the team in front of their own fans
Be able to give players option for the bonus if they win important game
Be able to negotiate you contract if you playing like manager
To have option when you singing new player to have ability to not allow player to play for int team if you have important match coming up
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