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More ideas for FIFA16 Career Mode and FIFA16 legends prediction

Sat Feb 14 2015 9:02:00 GMT-0800
Just one more cool thing. The structure of a club should be able to change while managing it. Owners comes and goes, owners would like to spend different kind of money on transfers, some just interested in the money and selling players so they club can go from a "qualify for euro league" kind of goal to "won't get relegated." As a small-club-manager you shouldnt be able to refuse to sell players to bigger clubs. The players should make more effort to leave for a bigger club, though you should be able to offer an improved deal to the player to make him change his mind and to stay on for the season or maybe pen a new five-year with a buyout-Clause.
The problem with FIFA CM now is that the club you manage always gets better no matter what. Like Playing Newcastle for two seasons and you on par with the Manchester teams as well as Chelsea, thats not realistic what so ever.
Also, realistic features like 1. the ability to carry remaining transfer budget across seasons + the boardmembers of the club should have the ability to say no to spending money if they think the squad is good enough to reach the clubs goals for the season, or maybe just be allowed to bring in Bosman, free agents or academyplayers for the remainings of the wages you got leda from the previous season. this would mean that you would have to play and develop you squad + give youthplayes a shot in the first team that season.
2.Controling over club finances, like ticket prices, sponsorship deals, etc is a must-add too. If of course, the club owner or boardmembers put that trust in you to handle it.
Every single Idea  is great.
One I've been thinking of and has annoyed me for long is when I try to buy a player from a higher status team, the player always refuses to cut his salery. For example I played with Southampton and tried to sign rosicky and diaby from Arsenal but they wouldn't go down in salery, and didn't play all season for Arsenal. I don't expect all players to cut their salery, because in real life some players play for money… But most of them should base they choise on pitchtime rather than keeping their salery.  
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