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My opinion for the change on FIFA15 Player Career

Thu Feb 12 2015 10:36:00 GMT-0800
My opinion for the change on FIFA15 Player Career
Allow us to select how long we want sign for (eg. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 year contracts)
If we have not renewed our contract before it expires, allow us to sign for free with another club.
this could be a good place to make our agents be more involved. They could provide us with potential clubs thatwould want to sign us, detailing contracts, salary, and even playing time.
Provide a section to see all transfers
Allow our my-player to be a sub. ( I think this will add to the dynamic of the mode )
When a transfer request is made, or other clubs a interested in your my-player; provide more in-game commentaryto enhance the mode experience.
One thing that really needs a total revamp is trophy presentation and celebrations. After spending hours, across many days to completea season and win some competitions. I think we
deserve a grand finish. ( medals awarded as players shake hands with dignitaries,commentary on how well the team has played during the season or competition, commentary on stand
out players, etc.)
Allow us to use the money we earn to upgrade, purchase items, or even give to a charity ( doesn't have to be elaborate ).
A bank account to see how much we have earned over our career. (Again I think this will add to the dynamic of the mode )
In FIFA 15, when your my-player is in the starting lineup, the commentators do not go through the lineup. They just say and here is the TEAM NAME lineup or they go through the lineup without
mentioning your players name.
I like the feature of being able to manage an international team alongside your club but there is little incentive for players to do this. I suggest that if you get your country to a major tournament
then the ai should generate a youth player of that nationality with 70 ~ 80 potential. If you win a major tournament then generate one with 80 ~ 90 potential. This provides a real incentive.
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