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Presentation is perhaps the main strongpoint of the EA Sports 2014 World Cup

EA Sports has done each official feature diversion for the world's biggest and most paramount soccer party since 1998.  Since then, they have figured out how to enhance the idea complex every quadrennial cycle.  Each diversion has brought a more immersive environment, more alternatives, and, in particular, emphasized gameplay that emerged from the yearly club-based amusements that were being handled all the while.  It has taken the classification of "trinket" feature amusements, ones that are generated particularly for huge occasions and made them playable past the occasion itself.

Heading into the 2014 World Cup Draw, there was a plenitude of positive thinking encompassing the US Men's National group.  An element that had as far back as anyone can remember struggled for quite some time under a flopping framework, the USMNT came into the draw following one of its best years and a solid demonstrating at the 2010 World Cup that stirred a country of soccer fans.

Presentation is perhaps the main strongpoint of the game. While the presentation of the regular FIFA game is limp and bland, the World Cup game sparkles in this category. Each World Cup stadium is in the game, and the fly-ins to those stadiums are far better than the fly-ins on next-gen FIFA 14. Between the music, confetti, national anthems, and official kits, you can feel the atmosphere of the World Cup.

The attention to detail is also appreciated. 19 managers are in the game, including the likes of Scolari, Hodgson, Klinsmann, and Del Bosque. National anthems can be played in the game menus, each team has qualifying kits for the qualifiers, and even training uniforms.

At that point the proclamation came. Due to EA Sports' vision that the diversion be available to a more extensive gathering of people, particularly in Brazil, the amusement would just be discharged on the Ps3 and XBOX 360, which have a larger number of holders than the Ps4 and Xb1.
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