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Some opinions about FUT 15 Skill Upgrades

Fri Feb 27 2017 9:50:00 GMT-0800
Some opinions about FUT 15 Skill Upgrades
I dont understand the downvotes Cabella is such a great skiller, much more than the likes of Reus, Mkhitaryan, Robben, Schurrle, Ox, and many other 4* skillers
They also put some new players in fut, Osvaldo from Al Ahli, Fernandinho from Hellas Verona, Diamanti from Fiorentin and Kramaric from Leicester City. And this is only a few. There are a lot more so new players are always nice to see.
Got the 86 Isco so well looking forward to using him had upgrade last week and now this thanks EA
Pogba deserves it way more than Zlatan... He pulled of Elasticos, Scoop Turns and insane juggling skills ingame in the last time. What did Zlatan do? He fails Elasticos... 
Their is a big dif. doing skills and then drible, messi doesn?t skill alot, but can dribble alot of defenders, Dribble and skill has nothing to do with eachother. you can have 88 dribling but be a 3 star skiller. and u can have 70 dribling and be a 5 star skiller.
Dribbling doesnt equal skill moves. Hands down, Messi is probably the best dribbler in the world but doesnt pull same kind of wild skill moves as Neymar or Ronaldo does. Hazard doesnt deserve 5* skills in any measure.
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