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The popular football game FIFA 15 fifa 15 is great when you fall love in it

Fri Feb 6 2015 12:50:00 GMT-0800
FIFA 15 has over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams and more than 30 real leagues and stadiums. The world biggest flea! True that it would have been nice to win the world cup, but you don't become every day second best team in the world, that's great! There must be a reason why you where chosen best player of the tournament. In my opinion you are the best in football history. If you win the world cup or not. Keep on playing like you do and astonishing us with your football.
Traded in Fifa 15 it is unbalanced scripted trash that requires no skill,one game your team are world beaters the next you cant even run,everyone uses Real Madrid and tackling is crap.I am top 40,000 out of 500,000 online but the game has the same flaws every year.Some games you have lost before you even start.Bought fifa 15 first one in years and I will not buy another Fifa,fifa gameplay is way better and theres no unbalanced matches like Fifa when you face Ronaldo and he sprints 2 x faster than your whole team,fifa requires skill and passing to win,Fifa is a scripted unbalanced pre determined mess for kids.
Fifa can have all the features in the world but unrealistic gameplay, i am so glad fifa has returned to greatness. You play FIfa if you want to feel good about yourself on normal difficulty but try doing that in fifa and you will get your handed to you by the AI 
fifa isn't holding hands while fifa is tring to baby sit gamers. Glad if you enjoy Fifa more but there is no way this year's Fifa is better than fifa. And now with the core down fifa will only improve that much more next year.
I have played pes all my life never played fifa before and im 30 years old now...but i got so annoyed with pes up to pes 14 that i jumped ship to fifa 15.. and it might be because its new to me but im loving fifa 15 alot to the point that i cannot stop playing it...fut mode is just amazing ive made it to division 1 and cant get enough the attention to detail is amazing...1 thing i will say tho is i do believe scripting is in the game but i also believe its in pes too so it is what it is...either way fifa 15 is great when you learn it.
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