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The thoughts of FIFA16 Career mode

Wed Feb 17 2015 7:40:00 GMT-0800
I'll add more thoughts about FIFA16Career mode
1. Allow deal finalization on the last hour of the transfer window, before closing the transfer window (career mode).
2. Allow youth players on loan right after bringing them into the senior squad. Right now, each newly signed youth player is stuck in the team without possibility to be loaned out for quite long (Career mode).
3. Allow conversation with players. They share the thoughts and you can't really respond (Career mode).
4. Allow manual match rescheduling. This would help with the stamina and fatigue problems (Career mode).
5. Add more managerial roles to the career mode. There could be a great value if you bring some features of FIFA Manager to FIFA 16. Currently manager's role is very limited. Why not make it possible for stadium extensions, tickets pricing, marketing and franchising? I understand, there is a limit to possibilities, but hope EA improves this part of the game (Career mode).
6. Change the salary of the manager – for God's sake, make it reasonable for a manager to select the next destination. Currently it is 35k even if you have won consecutive 10 CL trophies (Career mode).
7. Youth player search and development should be completely revised. Current system is not logical. very fast defenders, very slow wingers, no attackers, AM Goalkeepers, 10 Canadian wonderkids against 1 Brazilian. Generally, this is the area which needs a lot of attention. Their development too. Should probably be more consistent. (Career mode)
8. Allow B teams to be closely linked to A teams, like Barcelona B, castilla, etc. Barca B rejected my bid for Halilovic and instead sold him to Valencia. This was disappointing. (Career mode)
9. Balon D'or, other individual awards – this should be worked upon. Especially for player career fans. You want to know who is considered the best player in the world at the moment.
10. Rather unrealistic, but would love to see both changes to what player earns and where player spends.
11. Considering there are so many career suggestions and many more are connected with bringing things from FIFA manager to FIFA 16, I suppose EA could even consider breaking the serie into 2 parts – career part (player and manager career) and online part (FUT, etc.) To tell you the truth, I never play online and I feel this feature is actually something extra I don't need and something which wastes a lot of FIFA storage :) For others, career mode is not fun. So, this could be quite profitable marketing wise. Just need to probe.
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