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We need some fun to kill time when after work, I love Fifa 15 when i have rest.

Sat Feb 7 2015 14:00:00 GMT-0800  We need some fun to kill time when after work.
I love Fifa 15 when i have rest,  Fifa 15 does replicate the sky sports super sunday experience very well. Gameplay is decent as long as you play against a similar level, love minded human player who wants to play a real game of football. Unfortunately, that never happens. You always end up playing some who has some unnatural way of scoring, a flaw to the game rather than skill. I am sick to death of playing against Real Madrid !! Fifa 15 is also true that games are scripted, this needs to end. Matches should be about tactics, drawing teams out of position, keeping possession before unlocking defences and creating chances. 
Pes 15 is so superior to Fifa in terms of real football simulation it's not even close. You can have a thrilling 0-0 in Pes and you get as much pleasure in keeping a clean sheet as you do scoring a 25 yard screamer. The only flaws of Pes are that . Ronaldo is too good, he needs to be toned down to be more realistic . I wish they had the licences ... that would top a brilliant recreation of the beautiful game. 
I traded in Fifa for Pes and must say, it was definitely the right decision.
I having played both games.I owned and borrowed for a couple weeks, there are some pros and cons to each game. FIFA definitely rules in licenses. There's no doubt about it. Also, I can see the draw of FUT. (though it's not my cup of tea). Ease of use is a plus for FIFA. Anybody can pick it up and feel like a pro. However, IMO, PES replicates the game on the pitch much better. There is nothing like the build up that is required to score on higher difficulty in PES. The AI in PES make intelligent runs that are appropriate to the team and the player. Player likenesses are great for both games. But, in PES, it can be downright uncanny at times. (in a good way) On the down side, the defense in PES can make some silly decisions. The overall package isn't as robust as FIFA. There is entirely too much scripting in FIFA. (to the point where you can predict exactly what each goal will look like) FIFA is less tactical in the sense that the midfield play matters much less. There is less flow to the game because it's not really needed. Whereas in PES, the midfield is key to controlling the game...much like the real game. 
All of that being said, it really depends on why you play. If you play simply to see your favorite teams or collect players, then FIFA is probably your best bet. However, if you just simply love the sport and want it simulated on the field, then I'd say PES is your game.
Beside.Wishing Cristiano Ronaldo for 30th Birthday!
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