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Wish change for FIFA16 from FIFA15 in the future

Fri Feb 13 2015 10:00:00 GMT-0800
I play Pro Clubs quite a lot. I think instead of having random players each game playing in your team you have a squad of AI and human players you can select. Maybe get a transfer system implemented. Have a stat cap based on how many players are playing compared  to the division you are playing in. The principle is already there in Ultimate team. You could potentially buy cards with Fifa coins the club has earned.
Having the same pool of players to choose from would make it more realistic on clubs that way you can get to know how specific AI players play in your club and develop an understanding.
1. Try and acquire licensing to english championship to provide the realistic stadiums.
2. Champions league and Europa league licensing would be good.
3. Bring in a challenge mode for career for example: you start a challenge in which you are a team fighting relegation and the challenge starts half way through the January transfer window and you have a certain number of matches to turn around said teams season.
4. In career you should be able to attend rival team matches to scout a player or the team if they are your next opponent.
5. Youth system should have a training option in which you can try and raise your players overall ability. This system would stop once the player hits a certain age (say 18) but if you get it right he could be the next best thing.
6. More realistic top goal scorer and assist table for example one of my careers steve sidwell is top goal scorer with 14 goals.
7. Overhaul of the transfer and bids process. I.e the January window should be harder to acquire players.
8. Realistic manager changes in career I.e paul lambert getting sacked for a bad run and being replace by a manager from a high flying championship team. (Would require more licensing). Certain managers would bring different philosophy’s.
9. Make the touch line more animated. Managers having disagreement and speaking to fourth official etc.
I would like more leagues: Jupiler League,Serie A Brazil,JLeague,Vannarama North and South,Portugal League 2,Equator League 1,Bundesliga Offficil,All adboards,Graphics and Players and BBVA League too.
Libertadores no official
Champions League Offical
World cup club no Official
International Teams: Algeria,Bosnia,Costa Rica,Japan,Honduras,Iran,Canada,Nigeria,Ghana and Croatia
Career Mode: Interview,Play training,
Official Staduims: Morumbi,Maracana,Arena Pantanal e Beira Rio
Day and Night cycle in match
This is for Fifa 16
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